Yoga For Everyone

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Yoga is for everyone. Young or old, large or small, fit or unwell, active or sedentary.  Yoga is a tool for positive change. A little regular practice will lead to a happier, calmer and more balanced life and will also give you a stronger more flexible body.

My weekly classes are Vinyassa Flow and I also teach Hatha Yoga when appropriate. I spent many years working in a private psychiatric hospital where I taught people in addiction recovery as well as clients with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD etc. The reported and observed benefits were huge. Sleeping patterns improved, they gained more control over their mind and emotions through learning to work with their breath, a more positive relationship with their bodies and with themselves was achieved. There are so many benefits to learning yoga, the list could go on and on.

My classes and private sessions are fun and accessible. If you’ve never done yoga before one or two private sessions are recommended before attending one of my regular classes just to get down the basics.


“I have been attending yoga classes with Sam for about five years, and have always enjoyed her fun, flowing and creative classes which are uplifting, grounding and balanced. I leave the class feeling relaxed, refreshed and full of positive energy. Not only is Sam an excellent teacher, with an in depth knowledge and understanding of Yoga, she is also a lovely and inspiring person and I would recommend her as a teacher.”

Gladey, Yoga Instructor