What is a sales invoice? Complete guide on how to create one

Describe the goods or services that you’ve delivered to your client. Identify each item on a separate line for clarity and ease of reading. It’s okay to include item or inventory numbers for your reference, but don’t leave your client scratching their head about what they got.

  1. Due upon receipt means that the payment is due as soon as the invoice is received, whereas net 30 days means that the payment must be received within 30 days.
  2. Sales invoices exist to ensure that customers pay on time and in full; without them, sales teams and accounting departments would never know when to expect income, or in what amounts.
  3. A sales order is a salesperson’s counterpart to a buyer’s purchase order.
  4. All sales invoices should contain an itemized list of any goods or services provided.

You work hard to make your clients happy—and a sales invoice helps ensure you’re fairly paid for that work. When you ship a beautiful custom quilt to a customer or finish arranging the perfect centerpieces, make sure to send an invoice as well, and then to follow up on payments if customers don’t. A sales invoice tracks a sale and is a business’ way of requesting payment for a product or service.

It records services rendered, items provided, the amount owed by the customer, and how they can make payment. Invoices create legally binding agreements between companies and buyers, especially for larger purchases. A sales invoice, or sales bill, is an essential and common document used by all kinds of companies.

If a large job is paid out in multiple smaller increments, interim invoices will be submitted, followed by a final invoice when the project is complete. Sales invoices serve as essential data for future planning, providing information on incoming revenue and earnings changes over time, and are useful for budget forecasting. The prescriptive period to file a claim for a refund is still two years from the date of payment. Note, however, that this prescriptive period will only be applicable to administrative claims for refund, i.e., the filing with the BIR, and will no longer apply to judicial claims. Only medium- and high-risk claims are subject to the audit or other verification process of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). Another significant change under the EoPT law is the repeal of Section 34(K) of the Tax Code on the requirement to withhold taxes as a requisite to claim deductions from gross income.

Ideal for inventory management

The average business spends an average of 14 hours a week on tasks related to collecting payments from clients. A smooth invoicing process helps eliminate some of that frustrating work. Sales invoices are also helpful for sales and accounting departments. They offer a lot of insight into a business’s cash flow and customer relations. Finally, each sales invoice should have a unique invoice number that helps both you and your client (but mostly you) keep track of how many invoices you’ve issued. After creating your sales invoice, you can go to Deskera Books to request for advance payment, set overdue payment reminders, or automate any recurring invoices.

The first one, and also the most outdated way of sending a sales invoice is via snail mail. Understanding how crucial a sales invoice is, you may be wondering how they work and when to send them. If you accept credit card payments, you should let buyers know which types of cards you accept. You should discuss any credit terms when you are closing a sale along with any penalties for late payments.

What information is on a sales invoice?

An invoice template is a preset, customizable template that you can repeatedly use to invoice your customers. It is available in popular file formats like Word, Excel, and PDF. A free invoice template makes your professional life easier by getting you paid much faster, saving you time, and increasing your productivity. Notice that in each of these examples, the https://personal-accounting.org/ is a professional and definitive document. Here’s a simple and to-the-point sales invoice template that covers all the essential elements.

Streamline your billing process

It’s always a good idea to have a system in place to ensure your clients have received and opened your sales invoice. Your invoice is more likely to get the attention of the client if it’s personalized. Most accounting software platforms will allow you to include a personal message in each invoice that goes out. The biggest difference between the bill of sale and the sales invoice is that the bill of sale requires less detail. Invoices, for example, should indicate a due date for payment; bills of sale may not need to include such information. Our list of the best billing and invoicing software for small businesses is a great place to start.

The Accounting Definition of Sales Invoice

Even with email invoicing though, there are still a few steps to undertake. You have to attach the document in an uneditable format, along with an email body and subject line. And if the customer doesn’t pay back on time, you also have to send a follow-up email politely requesting payment. They serve as necessary documentation of business transactions for both the business and the client and act as the foundation for a company’s financial statements. A sales invoice and a bill are similar and can be the same document. The difference between an invoice and a bill is the point of origin.

You also need to include contact information to make it easy for buyers to contact you in case of any questions or problems. While most queries are done by email, it’s also a good idea to include your physical address and phone number. A debit invoice is provided when a seller needs to increase the amount owed by the client.

Now that you know the primary purpose of sending a sales invoice template is to request payment for the products and services you have provided to them. It is very important for businesses to get paid on time to remain constant in their cash flow. Sending professional sales invoices out to clients after providing a service provides your team more freedom, as they will not need to chase down late payments by ensuring the customer pays. It also creates a financial paper trail, and acts as an inventory management tool, with detailed records of sent invoices helping monitor cash flow and track sales accurately.

Sales Order vs. Sales Invoice

You can also use accounting software to automate the process of sending late payment reminders. The software also generates monthly and yearly sales invoice reports where you can overview which purchases are overdue or unpaid. You have to print out the invoice, put in an envelope, stamp it and drop it at the nearest postal office. Repeating this process for every sales invoice will require you to spend most of your time as a mailman, rather than a business owner.

Custom officials will use this document to calculate and assess import taxes, fees, or duties required. The commercial invoice acts as both a contract and proof of sale. The seller’s information is usually at the top of the invoice so purchasers can quickly identify the source. You may also want to include a company logo in the header as well. Invoice numbers make it easier for everyone to track individual invoices, especially when there is more than one outstanding invoice for a particular company.

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