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If your application is based on legacy technologies or older business practices, we can revamp it to align with the evolving needs of end users and current technologies. We can completely redesign web interfaces that are unfriendly and old-fashioned, giving your app a fresh new look. The choice between platform-based or custom web portal development is one of the most price-determining decisions we make at the project start.

Multi-functional web service

Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA-II) and a novel local search technique to effectively solve the multi-objective distributed DWSC problems. Our local search technique employs an innovative concept, communication link dominance, to incorporate domain-specific knowledge. The performance of our proposed link-dominance driven EC approach is evaluated on benchmark datasets. The results show that our proposed method has the highest quality with acceptable execution time for most of the composition tasks among competing algorithms. Web services have been provided by different service providers and are distributed over different locations .

QoS-aware automatic Web service composition with multiple objectives

Our team of web app developers helps you plan, discover, and implement critical web apps that have become a competitive asset for your business processes. We put our 100% diligence in creating innovative web applications that are capable of handling huge amounts of data as well as complex transactions while keeping security and performance in mind. For high-quality test planning, the QA team reviews portal requirements and user stories, and architecture design. Then, in parallel with development, our QA team verifies that your web portal runs as planned and complies with all set requirements and checks the security of your data. Wherever reasonable, we employ test automation to decrease testing time and costs.

  • We build on the IT domain expertise and industry knowledge to design sustainable technology solutions.
  • For services using WSDL, it is possible to either automatically generate WSDL for existing classes (a bottom-up model) or to generate a class skeleton given existing WSDL (a top-down model).
  • Once you’ve verified everything, the service and binding should be created and in Active Status.
  • A well documented, powerful but easy to integrate API gives you the ability to integrate your accounting systems and Data Collection Agent , marketing and Customer Relationship Management platforms with Evatic.
  • Key industries are IT-services and Workplace Technology, Coffee and Vending, Managed Print Service , Medical Equipment, Food Service Equipment and more.
  • Focus on your core business while enjoying the advantages of a robust and reliable cloud platform.

ScienceSoft’s team is ready to deliver the most challenging portal projects to help you leverage streamlined, transparent and consistent web communication with your clients, partners, employees, or community. We take over web portal performance management, troubleshooting, evolution and change management to keep your portal highly available and relevant to your needs. Potentially large, but delayed ROI due to long software development time. The portal brings together buyers and vendors to gain visibility into every stage of the supply chain, optimize inventory management, enable demand planning and actively involve vendors in stock monitoring to avoid out-of-stocks.

Iterative development

In a 2002 document, the Web Services Architecture Working Group defined a Web services architecture, requiring a standardized implementation of a “Web service.” Functional Web App is an architectural pattern for building web applications and APIs. It empowers developers with the flexibility of dynamic, full-stack applications paired with the ease of scaling a static website. In the above figure, the SOAP-Envelope contains a SOAP-Header and SOAP-Body. It contains meta-information needed to identify the request, for example, authentication, authorization, signature, etc. The main goal of RESTful web services is to make web services more effective.

We help you streamline investor onboarding and communication, promptly and securely share investment data and documents. We introduce seamless digital experiences and process automation for insurers’ clients, employees, agent teams, and suppliers. We connect people with similar interests and encourage them to acquire new knowledge and share their experience via forums, blogs, chats, and other communication means. Based on feedback from our valued customers we have been developing improvements on several areas and will be releasing new features throughout the year. Avoid lost revenue and maximise ROI with our comprehensive meter billing and contract administration functionality.


Embrace the future of field service management with Evatic’s cloud-based offering. Designed to enhance task management, the latest planner allocates multiple tasks simultaneously and leverages drag-and-drop functionality so that users can experience significant time savings. By reducing the number of clicks required to complete tasks, this feature streamlines the workflow and boosts efficiency. Evatic’s accurate stock control management functionality allows you to process jobs more efficiently by giving your employees valuable insights into your customers. MPS specific tools reduce the need for manual inputs improving productivity and reducing costs.

Multi-functional web service

Next, select the function modules that need to be included as operations of the web service. However, using RFC can be challenging when the integration platform is not SAP PI/PO. There are also concerns about performance due to Web services’ use of XML as a message format and SOAP/HTTP in enveloping and transporting. A developer using a top-down model writes the WSDL document first and then uses a code generating tool to produce the class skeleton, to be completed as necessary. This model is generally considered more difficult but can produce cleaner designs and is generally more resistant to change. As long as the message formats between the sender and receiver do not change, changes in the sender and receiver themselves do not affect the Web service.

Discovering and Searching for Web Services

Ecommerce web frameworks, such as Magento, can facilitate maintenance of these feature-rich web apps by introducing a user-friendly administration panel. A content manager of an ecommerce web app with Magento system installed will need zero special knowledge about web apps in order to freely update product catalogues, launch special offers, and manage customer database. The category of ecommerce web apps is quite vast and includes all kinds of e-shops (B2B, B2C, B2A, etc.) as well as booking systems (transportation, lodging, entertainment, etc.). Our SaaS consultants are skilled in developing multi-tenant, secure, and robust SaaS solutions for your business.

Multi-functional web service

Most of the existing approaches to WSC focus on a single-objective problem, where a scalarisation function is employed and a weight is assigned to each of the objective components. However, for the situations where the user cannot decide on a preference, a set of solutions should be provided for the user to choose from by identifying a range of compromising solutions. Different software systems often need to exchange data with each other, and a Web service is a method of communication that allows two software systems to exchange this data over the Internet. The software system that requests data is called a service requester, whereas the software system that would process the request and provide the data is called a service provider. At DXFactor, we help our clients across all industries achieve their digital goals by leveraging the latest tools and technologies. Our web-based solutions enable them to transform legacy systems into cross-platform applications that can be accessed on any device.

List of web service frameworks

Apart from facilitating the lives of company employees with enterprise web apps and company web portals, many businesses also implement web solutions that offer significant changes to the entire workflow. These changes usually involve automation of routine tasks that have to be manually web app development attended to by a person responsible for them. We offer device-agnostic solutions that make your HTML5/JavaScript applications functional, convenient, and visually compelling. The web applications are designed to be cross-compatible across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.

Multi-functional web service

A web portal is a secure web-based platform that gives access to varied functionality and content via an easy-to-navigate interface. Modern user-facing services are progressively evolving from large monolithic applications to complex graphs of loosely-coupled microservices. While microservice architecture greatly improves the efficiency of development and operation, it also complicates resource allocation and performance guarantee due to complex dependencies across different microservices. During runtime, it further proactively identifies the critical microservices responsible for performance anomaly by deriving partial SLOs mathematically, and performs dynamic reprovisioning to mitigate the potential SLO violations.

Evatic – multi functional service management software

The development of distributed software applications in the Service Oriented Architecture is facilitated and expedited by Web services . Web service composition accomplishes a specific task by composing numerous inter-operating, distributed, and reusable services . Service compositions must fulfil functional requirements and optimise Quality of Service attributes simultaneously. Consequently, distributed Data-intensive Web service composition has introduced new challenges to the research area. Due to the huge number of available services, it is crucial to manually design service compositions to achieve optimal QoS. It is, therefore, very hard to identify optimal solutions to large-scale DWSC problems within a limited time frame .

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