Compound Interest The Most Powerful Force in the Universe?

einstein compound interest

Editorial content from The Ascent is separate from The Motley Fool editorial content and is created by a different analyst team. Even with all that fanfare for the topic, I’ve been guilty of neglecting to properly cover when discussing financial literacy. I’ve found I take for granted that I was taught the power behind compound interest at a young age. I was fortunate that I had classes that taught me these lessons as early as middle school, but not everybody is so fortunate. However, the data also reveals substantial year to year employment variations in other period. Basically, you never sell your stocks while alive, just borrow against them.

einstein compound interest

R200 invested with an interest rate of 3% for 2 years (nothing is mentioned about how often the interest accrues; therefore, we assume it is annually). The market is massive, facilitating trillions of dollars a second into and out of securities, futures, and commodities. Your guess at what it’s going to do next is as good as the next guy’s.

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This means it’ll take 12 years for your investment to double. Simply divide 72 by the interest rate, and voila, you have the number of years it’ll take to double your money. The rule of 72 is a quick, easy way to calculate how long it will take for an investment to double based on the interest rate. Suppose you borrow $1000 on a credit card with an 18% annual interest rate.

einstein compound interest

Maurie Backman is a personal finance writer covering topics ranging from Social Security to credit cards to mortgages. She also has an editing background and has hosted personal finance podcasts. Compound interest is the concept of earning interest on interest. Let’s say you put $100 into a savings account and that balance grows to $105 by virtue of earning interest. From there, you’ll be able to accrue interest on not just your initial $100, but rather, on $105.

Andrew has always believed that average investors have so much potential to build wealth, through the power of patience, a long-term mindset, and compound interest. For example, suppose you saved and banked $100 a year ago. This year, you’ll be earning interest on $102 (original savings plus the interest earned). That might not seem like much, but understanding that simple fact can have a major impact on your financial success. In conclusion, this article presents a snapshot of current research. The label “eight wonder” was applied to compound interest in an advertisement for a bank in 1925.

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Until you find someone that can predict the future, you’re just going to have to face the fact that you won’t be able to time the market. What do the wealthiest and wisest investors have in common? They are always smiling, because they are making money every second of the day. Neither the article or the bank said how much the $6.11 would have grown to today. But if the account paid a 2 percent interest rate, June would now have $42.55 and could buy a moderately priced dinner to celebrate her 100th birthday. It will also allow me an opportunity to come clean on my use of this quote.

I should have STARTED with compound interest! I had taken it for granted that this room full of grown-ups understood what it means when we say, “compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe”. Even if they had been taught before, they really appreciated being taught again. Second, while your inflation point is a good one, for the last 5 years it has not mattered much because U.S. inflation has been so low. Also, the CPI overstates inflation by about one percentage point–see Michael J. Boskin, “Consumer Price Indexes,” in David R. Henderson, ed., The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.

  1. From there, you’ll be able to accrue interest on not just your initial $100, but rather, on $105.
  2. The magic occurs in the later years since the compounding is being applied to increasingly larger numbers.
  3. His work on the theory of relativity revolutionized our understanding of time, space, and gravity.
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People who are destroyers instead of creators. This isn’t the world I want my daughter to grow up in. Nobody makes a real fortune overnight, and nobody goes broke in one night either. The exceptions to the rule regress back to where they should be over time. That’s why lottery winners oftentimes end up broke years later. Compounding interest is best pursued when you are dollar cost averaging.

The work you need to do in the beginning is often very painful and tiring. But once your wealth snowball is built, then your wealth naturally attracts more wealth. Then the power of compounding interest can work in your favor. The words compounding interest are two of the most powerful in the investing world. I am good at financial planning and keep track of the latest developments in financial products and services. Financial planning is a life-long project; the earlier you start financial planning, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits and achieve your financial goals.

June Greg’s father deposited $6.11 into her account 98 years ago, when she was only two years old. My colleague Conrad deAenlle also wrote about this money in the bank. FYI – Robbins’ exact line was “Compound interest is such a powerful tool that Albert Einstein once called it the most important invention in all of human history.” Over the years, I’ve read Einstein quoted as saying that ‘compound interest was one of man’s greatest inventions’, or other variations on this theme. In Tony Robbins recent tome (600 pages to write what would fit in a short magazine article) he offered this Einstein line. I’d like to know if it was made up or if Einstein ever said anything close to this.

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Old Grandpa Rockerfeller the multi-millionaire who preached thrift said something I never forgot. He said, “The 8th wonder of the world is compound interest.” Unfortunately very few people understand the magic of compound interest. Social security is squarely based on what has been called the eighth wonder of the world—compound interest. A growing nation is the greatest Ponzi game ever contrived.

Let your money work for you

And those 30 years were your working years when you had the choice of putting something aside for retirement. Quote investigator also found some earlier quotes claiming that compound interest is the “greatest invention”, but none of them involve Einstein in any way until well after his death. Whether or not he really said it, that line has become my financial motto. The Educated Shetland Pony, or the Pony With the Human Brain. Little Cupid is the Eighth Wonder of the World.

You will one day be rich, you just have to let compounding interest do the work for you. It’s the habits that you live with which define your wealth. If your spending habits cause you to fight against interest, you’re going to fight that fight the rest of your life. While everybody might know that interest is bad, only a few people decide to do something about it. And if I can be quite frank, it’s why broke people are broke and rich people are rich. Why is compounding interest a greater teacher of patience?

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