5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Sobriety Milestonese

Whether you entered an Orlando drug rehab or somewhere else, it may have been tough to be away from your loved ones. You may have also had to face some challenges while in rehab, but it’s all worth it once you complete your treatment. It’s likely your friend or a family member has certain dates that are important to them, like the day they entered treatment or their six-month sobriety anniversary. These dates can be used to personalize gift items like jewelry, plaques and journals, making them more intentional. Something as subtle as an engraved ring could mean a lot to your friend, as it serves as a constant reminder of how far they’ve come.

Can you be sober and still have fun?

Recovery doesn't disqualify you from going to a party, game or concert, if those are activities you enjoy. However, it's important to create a new definition of what's fun for you when substance use isn't involved. “People need to remember that we can still have fun even though we're sober,” Campbell said.

When making this request, ask to speak with the manager who will be on duty the night of your celebration. Celebrating recovery milestones is a special way of maintaining and honoring your recovery. It serves as a beautiful reminder to you of how far you’ve come and gives you something to look forward to with each anniversary.

Thank the People Who Supported You

Whatever it is, your sobriety milestone could be the perfect time to begin reclaiming your dreams. Any drastic lifestyle change is challenging, but recovery is particularly difficult— it’s not just a lifestyle overhaul, it’s the healing process of both a physical and mental disease. Anyone who achieves and maintains recovery has more than earned a chance to celebrate. Your sobriety is a huge accomplishment, and you should celebrate it every day. Honor your commitment to yourself and your wellbeing by recognizing how far you’ve come and maintaining your sobriety. Whatever you choose, you deserve to celebrate — and throwing a sober party is the perfect way to do so.

‘Tis the season for sober rides: CDOT kicks off multiweek holiday … – Colorado Department of Transportation (.gov)

‘Tis the season for sober rides: CDOT kicks off multiweek holiday ….

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I often encourage my sobriety anniversary gifts patients to be proud of all the little moments and choices where progress is made. This could mean recognizing the times in which you previously would have had a drink, and pausing to congratulate yourself. Instead of always looking ahead to a milestone you need to ‘get to’, looking for the “small wins” allows us to feel present and fulfilled in the moment.

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Whatever enables you to feel proud of yourself and grateful for the second chance you’ve been given is a beautiful, wholesome way to commemorate the day. Many recovery programs emphasize the importance of so-called 12-step programs, like those offered by Alcoholics Anonymous. These meetings can offer an important support system from other people who have been through the same problems of addiction.


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Recognize that sobriety is an ongoing celebration rather than a one-time event

Staying sober is a big accomplishment so it is important to take the time to pat yourself on the back. Especially if you are in early recovery, you may be struggling with intense drug cravings and your journey may not be easy. Celebrating your sober birthday or anniversary can reinforce your sobriety while also motivating you to continue to stay sober. A sobriety anniversary marks a period that a person has remained sober after recovering from an addiction. Unlike birthdays or other anniversaries, sobriety anniversaries aren’t limited to annual celebrations.

Is there a color for sobriety?

Various colors are assigned to various lengths of sobriety. Typically, A.A. chips include: white to start or renew a commitment to sobriety; yellow for 30 days; red for 90 days; blue for six months; green for nine months; and a bronze chip for one or more years.

You don’t have to wait for your five-year sobriety birthday or something equally substantial to commemorate your positive steps. Attend a local meeting and ask for your chip or token, whether it’s for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or one year. Give back by volunteering for a day to support your community — even better if you can get those who supported you to join in. Splurge on something special you’ve wanted for a while like a new video game or an outfit. You can even opt for something simple like treating yourself to dessert after dinner.

You can also plan a dinner for a select group of family members. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but celebrating with dinner can be a nice way to get everyone together and remember all the progress that has been made. Sobriety gifts are an excellent way to honor a loved one who has worked hard on their recovery. If you’ve supported a friend or family member through this journey, you’re probably excited to celebrate their sobriety. You might try personalized gifts with their sobriety date or tickets to see their favorite band in concert. Even a book of positive affirmations can celebrate this milestone and reward their perseverance.

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